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Keep Coming Back: Tonight, Richard Marx returns to the place that changed his life

Dylan Rives/Getty Images for YoungArts

Dylan Rives/Getty Images for YoungArtsTonight at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, Richard Marx will be the featured artist on The Drop, an intimate conversation and performance series.  But tonight’s event is more than just promotion for his new album Limitless: It’s also the seventh anniversary of the night that changed everything for him.

“I did it once before,” he says of the Grammy Museum event. “In fact, that’s the night I met Daisy. She was at that show. That’s how I met her.”

“Daisy” is Richard’s wife, Daisy Fuentes, the model, actress, TV host and businesswoman who he married in 2015.

“It was great. It was. I mean, aside from the fact that it was a night that ultimately changed my life,” Richard tells ABC Audio of the Grammy Museum event. “It was really fun. It’s sort of like an Inside the Actors Studio kind of thing.”

This time around, it’ll be even more special, because Richard’s son, who collaborated with him on Limitless, is coming along for the ride.

I thought it was one and done. I was actually surprised that they wanted me to come back and do another one,” he admits. “But it’s awesome, especially because they asked if Lucas would join me on this, so he’ll be part of it.”

Not only that, but it’ll be a very romantic evening.

“I said to Daisy, ‘You want to go to the Grammy Museum again?’ And she went, ‘Are you kidding me?'” he laughs. “So we decided we’re gonna go from the Grammy Museum show to the restaurant where we had our first dinner date. We’ll make a night of it.”

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