Keith Urban Finally Makes It To Sunfest!

Because of the severe weather in the Palm Beaches yesterday, Keith Urban’s plane couldn’t land at Palm Beach International. It was diverted to Boca Raton,” And before we got there, they were like ‘nope’ we’re going to Miami,” says Urban to a large crowd at SunFest.  When it landed in Miami Keith Urban said he was looking out his plane window and was told by the crew that every time they see a lightning strike the airport can’t open for another 15 minutes. The lightning didn’t stop.   “So, we were like, we aren’t going to make it to the gig, at all, what do we do,” said Urban. “We freakin’ Ubered there, is what we did.”   Urban says the Uber driver went over 100 mph on the freeway to get him to SunFest. Urban says he downloaded an app that told him how fast he was going, “102 [mph], 103 [mph], this guy is my hero right now,” says Urban.