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Kelly Clarkson talks about the ironic timing of her new song “I Dare You”

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Atlantic RecordsBeing in Montana hasn’t slowed Kelly Clarkson down one bit. 

In addition to filming The Kelly Clarkson Show from home in the western state, she hopped on a video chat with Jimmy Fallon for a quarantined episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to chat about her new single “I Dare You,” which was released on Thursday and has duets in five different languages.

“I grew up singing opera and I got to sing in like French and Italian — the Latin based languages. I thought it’d be cool one day if in my career there was a song that kind of lent itself to that,” she explained of how she came up with the idea of the multi-language singles.

The 37-year-old mother of two shared that she’d been working on “I Dare You” for over a year and even had the release date picked out before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Instead of postponing her plans to drop the single, she realized how the timing actually ended up being perfect.

“I dare you to love instead of fear,” the former American Idol contestant said of the record’s message.

“This song is ironically very fitting right now but before pandemic times, you know, its no secret as a nation we are super divided. You’d think it would be the opposite,” she added. “I thought the song would be cool to do in this sense and then all this [coronavirus] happened.”

Clarkson paired up the following singers with duets in their native languages: Zaz for the French Version, Faouzia for the Arabic version, Blas Cantó for the Spanish version, Glasperlenspiel for the German version, and Maya Buskila for the Hebrew Version.

“I Dare You” is available to download and stream now.

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