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Kraft Will Pay You $20 Not To Make Cheesecake For Christmas!!

A cream cheese shortage — is turning into a holiday deal for you.

Kraft is dishing up a new idea because there isn’t enough cream cheese to go around.

The premise: People who can’t bake cheesecakes because they can’t find cream cheese can get another baked good for $20 and Kraft will pay for it.

Here’s how it works: People interested in the offer can visit a special website set up by Kraft.

On Friday (12/17) and Saturday (12/18), up to 18,000 people will be able to nab the right to get reimbursement for an alternative holiday treat by submitting their receipts.

Do you think this idea from Kraft is pretty genius? (Soften the blow of empty cream cheese shelves while also keeping customers thinking about Philadelphia cream cheese…)