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Lady Gaga has “exciting duets” lined up for ‘Chromatica’

Norbert Schoerner

Norbert Schoerner

Lady Gaga‘s new album, Chromatica, is scheduled to arrive April 10, and she just spilled some tea about the project during an interview on French radio.

Appearing via Skype on France’s NRJ [energy] Radio to answer fans’ questions, Gaga teased that the new album will feature multiple collaborations.

“I have some very exciting duets that I’ve done on the album [that] I don’t want to reveal quite yet, but I’m excited for you to hear them,” she dished. “I love working with other artists. It was a wonderful experience.”

Gaga also described Chromatica as “an album…about dancing through my pain.”

While Gaga didn’t go into detail about what kind of pain she was experiencing — physical, emotional or both — she said she was surprised that she was able to create such an upbeat album, considering how she felt while recording it.

“Even though I was very sad, it was amazing when I would listen back to the music and it was so happy and it was a celebration and we were dancing,” she told the fans. “And I really want people to know that there’s a way to change your perspective about your life. And part of that is in believing in yourself.”

“And that’s what Chromatica stands for,” Gaga declared. “Chromatica is about kindness to all people, and it’s also about kindness to yourself.”

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