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Lady Gaga song interrupts coronavirus meeting in Italy; Gaga reacts

Interscope Records

Interscope RecordsAs a proud Italian-American, it’s no wonder Lady Gaga is thrilled that her latest single is being heard in Italy — even though the circumstances under which it’s being heard are kind of weird.

A video clip of a regional Italian government meeting about the response to the COVID-19 coronavirus is going viral because at just around 23 minutes into the meeting, someone’s phone goes off and you hear the opening of Gaga’s single “Stupid Love.”  The officials smile and chuckle, and then continue with the meeting.

Gaga retweeted the clip and wrote, “And this is why I make music.”

“Stupid Love” is the first single from Gaga’s long-awaited new album, Chromatica, which is coming out April 10.

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