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Lady Gaga spray paints her car before hitting up her local Taco Bell

Interscope Records

Interscope Records

Earth may be cancelled but Taco Bell certainly isn’t.

Following the release of Lady Gaga‘s new single “Stupid Love,” her first in three years, she decided to let loose on Wednesday with some spray paint, her Mercedes Benz, and some delicious fast food.

“When ure so tired from working nonstop u end up spray painting your whip,” captioned Gaga in a video of her and a friend rocking out to “Stupid Love” before taking two cans of hot pink spray paint to her white convertible.

The two first spell out “Stupid Love” on the hood in large letters before unleashing their full creative talents, splashing hearts and other phrases all over the car.

However, tagging a vehicle while dancing nonstop is hard work, so Gaga decides to take her newly decorated ride on a spin to fuel up on some Taco Bell. 

Gaga and another friend dance in their seats while blasting her new single as they wait in the drive thru. They then have to sheepishly turn down the music when they can’t hear the worker ask for their order — resulting in an awkward exchange of “hellos?” 

Then A Star Is Born actress then politely leaves her large order — a Chicken Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a Chicken Crunch Wrap Supreme — while her driver simply orders a cheese quesadilla.

Then, as the two set off to the first window, they crank “Stupid Love” again and begin bouncing in their seats as they head over to pick up their well deserved snack.

Gaga is currently preparing for the release of her sixth studio album Chromatica, her followup to 2016’s Joanne, which drops April 10.  “Stupid Love” is the first single available off the new album.

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