Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs Makeup Line Coming To Sephora

Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs makeup line is coming to Sephora later this year.
Gaga said, “I always wanted to partner with Sephora.”
She continued, “I used to go to Sephora all the time as a young girl around 13 or 14 years old, I would go in and explore. I didn’t really have the money to buy a lot, so I would buy the Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Baazar.”
She added, “I also love Sephora as a company—the people who work there are really nice, and they really believe in what we do, which means a lot to me—they’re our number one fan.”
Gaga continued, “When I first began this company, I had a sense of my own artistry and love of artistry, but my knowledge of the beauty industry was much more limited. It took me a couple of years to really hone in on what I wanted this company to be.”
Which makeup line is your favorite of all time?