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Learn drums from Queen of Percussion Sheila E.


If you’re still in lockdown, why not take up an instrument…like the drums?  And why not let Queen of Percussion Sheila E. teach you how to play them?

The former Prince collaborator has joined forces with MasterClass to offer the streaming platform’s first-ever drums and percussion class, which is now online.  Not only will you learn the basics, but Sheila will also teach how to play solo and as part of a band, how to be a bandleader and how you can train physically to keep the beat.

She’ll also talk about recording with Prince, and will take a deep dive into her signature song “A Love Bizarre.”

“I am honored to be the first-ever drummer for MasterClass,” says Sheila in a statement. “When you know what your passion is and what your purpose is, no one and nothing can stand in your way.”

“In my MasterClass, I will share my passion and teach members the fundamentals of percussion, drumming and hopefully, inspire them to make their own music.”

Access to her class and the more than 85 others on the site costs $15 a month.  MasterClass also offers subscribers the chance to learn guitar from Carlos Santana, jazz from Herbie Hancock, vocals from Christina Aguilera and film music from Danny Elfman, among other noted artists.

By Andrea Dresdale
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