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Lenny Kravitz Working On New Album

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Lenny Kravitz is working on an “upbeat” new album.

Kravitz, who is planning to hit the road for a 2024 tour says he’s in the final stages of mixing his first new record since 2018’s ‘Raise Vibration.’

He described the project as “upbeat” and says it’s an album he’s wanted to make since he was a teenager.

He explained, “[This album is the one] I didn’t get to make in my teens – before [1989 debut album ‘Let Love Rule’] came out. I was making music at that time under another name, and it didn’t happen. I found myself through [‘Let Love Rule’]. It was really sort of an epiphany album because I ended up using my real name and was like ‘I guess this is what I’m supposed to be doing,’ but this new record celebrates the time before that. It’s the album I never got to do.”

What’s something you regret not doing in your younger years?