LeVar Burton’s ‘Reading Rainbow’ featured in new documentary

‘Butterfly in the Sky’ is the documentary in the works about LeVar Burton’s infamous show, ‘Reading Rainbow’.
‘Reading Rainbow’ was on for over twenty-six years and was beloved by many children and adults across the country.
The documentary will feature old footage as well as interviews with LeVar Burton and give an in-depth history of the making of the show.
One of the directors of ‘Butterfly in the Sky’ said, “‘Reading Rainbow’ was my window into the big city and into diverse cultures. With segments like those in ‘Hill of Fire,’ ‘Liang and the Magic Paintbrush,’ and countless other episodes, ‘Reading Rainbow’ was arguably the first time I encountered ‘documentary-style’ television as a young person, planting a seed that would inspire me for the rest of my life and lead me to where I am in my career to this day.”
What was your favorite educational show growing up? Were you a fan of ‘Reading Rainbow’? Are you interested in this documentary?