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Lewis Capaldi opens up about his childhood and how he was an “oops” baby

Andrew Benge/Redferns

Andrew Benge/RedfernsScottish singer Lewis Capaldi opened up about his childhood in a brand new and ultra candid documentary called Birthday Song that launched on his YouTube on Tuesday.

While detailing how he first fell in love with music and what it was like growing up the youngest of four kids, his most shocking revelation came when he revealed that he was a “mistake.”  

Turns out, his dad “was supposed to have had a vasectomy,” which was obviously botched.

Capaldi’s siblings joined him for the interview, with big brother Warren joking, “Lewis was just an immaculate conception. I remember my dad had a vasectomy and then nine months later we got a surprise with Lewis popping out.”

The “Someone You Loved” singer revealed that his arrival made both of his parents “really sad” because they already had three other children to support — Warren, Aidan, and Danielle.

As Lewis grew old enough to go on family trips, one long drive in the parents’ Renault Espace to France sparked his love of music.  The 23-year-old said he became hooked on a Queen CD the family was listening to — especially the song “We Are The Champions.”

He later performed it at a talent show held at their vacation spot in France, which first clued him in that he had something special.

“That’s when we knew he was gonna make it, he’s a born attention seeker,” Warren dished about his younger sibling, saying that wanting all that positive attention “started him off.”

That love of being the center of attention is what inspired Lewis to become the class clown, as explained by his other big brother Aidan.  

Paired with his love of music, that combination inevitably led Lewis to become a Grammy Award-nominated singer with two no. 1 songs on the Billboard charts.  

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