Like We EVER Thought Those Ladies On “The View” Got Along! Jenny McCarthy Spills The Tea!

When JENNY MCCARTHY joined “The View” in 2013, she figured it would be a GOOD thing.  But she figured wrong.  She basically went through hell dealing with BARBARA WALTERS and WHOOPI GOLDBERG.

Barbara was in her 80s, and her mind and her health were deteriorating.  She didn’t want to leave, but she was gently being pushed into retirement.  And Whoopi had no problem with that, because she liked being in charge.

Whoopi actually had it in her contract that she was the SOLE MODERATOR.  But Barbara would often ask if SHE could do it, just for old time’s sake.  Especially since she was in her final year.

Jenny says, quote, “It broke my heart when Barbara would shuffle to Whoopi and say, ‘Can I moderate, please?’  And Whoopi would say no . . .

“Whoopi had an addiction to controlling people’s thoughts, their words, the room, the table, your feeling, your mood.  She had an addiction to controlling all of it and everybody.”

But Barbara was no picnic, either.  Jenny estimates she had to change her clothes 50 TIMES because Barbara didn’t like what she was wearing.

And then there was the tampon incident.  Jenny says Barbara once knocked on her door and said, quote, “Jenny, there’s a tampon floating in the toilet and it’s disgusting.”

Jenny told her it wasn’t hers, and she wasn’t even on her period . . . but Barbara demanded that she do something about it.

Quote, “She’s standing in the hallway where the guests are, yelling at me about a tampon . . . This is Barbara Walters.  I’m not going to yell at her.  So finally I said, ‘I’ll take care of it.  I’ll take one for the team and I’ll flush it.'”

It would be a huge understatement to say Jenny didn’t enjoy her time on “The View”.  She says, quote, “Every day I went home and I was miserable.  It really was the most miserable I’ve been on a job in my 25 years of show business.”