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Live Nation Planning to Resume Concerts at “Full Scale” Beginning in 2021

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The one thing that the Coronavirus pandemic has taken from humanity is the ability to assemble for a live concert. Music fans across the globe are holding on to their tickets in anticipation of getting back together for a live show.

LiveNation says they anticipate getting back to “full scale” by the third or fourth quarter of 2021, pending there is a vaccine and there isn’t a second wave of COVID-19 hotspots.

Venues in Germany have already started building “drive-in” concerts and larger artists who usually play stadiums in the United States will play smaller venues with a small or no crowd and with online streaming available.

Ticket prices for the first wave of shows returning in 2021 will prove to be more costly than pre-Coronavirus, but that’s why most people have held on to their tickets, for the investment.

Did you purchase a concert ticket prior to the Coronavirus outbreak? Did you refund them or are you holding out for a rescheduled tour date?