Look Who’s Coming With Oprah On Her Tour To Fort Lauderdale!! Lady Gaga!!

If you wanted to buy tickets before….now you REALLY will! OMG! Her special guests are amazing!! Have you gotten tix yet? You can win some here!

OPRAH’s 2020 Vision Tour . . . also known as her “I Swear I’m Not Running for President Tour” . . . will be loaded with special guests. Each of the nine stops on the tour will feature ONE of the following:

Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, The Rock, Lady Gaga, Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, Kate Hudson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and, of course, Gayle King.

The purpose of the tour is to, quote, “motivate audiences to make 2020 the year of renewal and celebrate all we are meant to be.”

In addition to conversations with her guests, it’ll include interactive sessions like workbook exercises and DANCE PARTIES.

The tour starts on January 4th here in Fort Lauderdale, and wraps up on March 7th in Denver.