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Love Eggos As Much As Eleven? Check Out The New “Eggoji” Waffles!

If your kids have ever wanted their FOOD to match their MOOD in the morning . . . well, here you go:  Eggo is unleashing new EGGOJI waffles, which come in boxes of 10, with six different emoji designs. And since I KNOW you’re wondering, they did NOT include the poop emoji.  They only used face ones . . . like the laugh-cry, starry-eyed, heart-eyed, a winking one, a silly one, and one with glasses.  (Here they are, and here’s Melissa Joan Hart talking about it.) They’re also doing something good.  If you take a photo of your EGGOJI waffles, and use hashtag #EggojiNoKidHungry, Eggo will donate up to 100 breakfasts per post to No Kid Hungry . . . up to a maximum of 500,000 meals.  


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