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Luke Bryan shows off his Elvis Presley Impersonation, And It’s Pretty Good!

Luke Bryan appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show while Katy Perry was guest hosting.

During the show, Luke said that he was a huge fan of Elvis Presley growing up and showed off his impersonation.

Luke said, “Oh I mean, to grow up I had the Elvis 33, and it was from you know, Elvis at the Hilton. And they did a live album and just — I was a kid in my room listening to Elvis live from Las Vegas, that was one of my primary records.”

Katy asked Bryan to sing a little Elvis for her, and he obliges by singing, “When no one else can understand me…I guess I’ll never know the reason why / You love me like you do / That’s the wonder / The wonder of you.”

Can you hear the influence Elvis Presley had on Luke Bryan?