Madonna considered running for president, then realized, "I can't imagine a worse job"

Noam Galai/WireImage

Noam Galai/WireImage

Over the years, Madonna has been outspoken politically, but she's never actually gotten involved in politics.  But incredibly, she now admits that she actually considered running for president, but then dismissed the idea because she thinks it's a horrible job, and because she has OCD.

Speaking to interviewer Dan Wootton for the U.K. tabloid The Sun and his podcast, Madonna says of the idea of running for president, "The thought went through my mind in a second and then went out. I can’t imagine a worse job -- I mean, everyone just hates you as soon as you step into the White House."

Asked if she thinks she'd do a better job than our current president, Madonna replied, "I think so, yeah. But, I mean, gosh, look at Barack Obama, it’s a job that ages you."

She added, “Can you imagine if I was president? And I have OCD. I’d be trying to figure out every problem every night."

If she were president, though, Madonna claims her first act would be to make guns illegal -- a topic she addresses on the song "God Control" on her new album, Madame X.

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