Madonna finally signs Eurovision Song Contest contract, will perform after all

Steven Klein @stevenkleinstudio

Steven Klein @stevenkleinstudioMadonna is currently in Israel, rehearsing for her performance at the finale of this year's Eurovision Song Contest -- a TV show that's absolutely massive everywhere but in North America.  But until a few hours ago, it wasn't 100% certain that she'd even be allowed onstage.

It seems that up until today, Madonna hadn't actually signed an official contract for the gig, and the show's organizers reportedly wouldn't let her in the building, let alone perform, unless she did.  Well, apparently, she's finally signed on the dotted line, and the show will go on.

Jon Ola Sand, executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, said in a statement, "We are pleased to finally confirm that the incomparable music icon Madonna will join us at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Performing live during the biggest entertainment show in the world will be a special moment for everyone – not least the fans."

Sand added, "The talent on display in the competition this year is phenomenal and I’m sure the artists will further be inspired by her incredible performance and staging. We know that it will be an evening to remember and can’t wait to share it with everyone watching."

Two-hundred-million are expected to tune into the performance this weekend, during which Madonna will perform "Like a Prayer," as well as her new song, "Future," with rapper Quavo, according to the New York Post.

Madonna had been urged by Palestinian supporters to boycott the show, but she issued a statement saying she wouldn't be dissuaded by "someone's political agenda."

The Eurovision Song Contest involves member countries of the European Broadcasting Union submitting an original song to be performed on live TV. Each country then votes for the other countries' songs. Past winners of the competition include ABBA and Celine Dion.

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