Madonna heads for the "Future" in new "Madame X"

Live Nation/Interscope Records/Maverick

Live Nation/Interscope Records/Maverick This Saturday, Madonna will perform in Tel Aviv, Israel, at the finale of the Eurovision Song Contest, and ahead of that performance, she's released one of the songs she'll be singing.

"Future" is a track from her upcoming album Madame X. The reggae-flavored track was co-produced by superstar DJ Diplo, and features rapper Quavo, from the chart-topping trio Migos. In a statement, Madonna says the song is about, "the world that we live in today and the future of our civilization."

"Not everyone is coming to the future, Not everyone is learning from the past/Not everyone can come into the future/Not everyone that's here is gonna last," Madonna sings. The lyrics also include encouragement to make peace, give hope, light up the dark and live right.

In addition to "Future," for which she'll be joined by Quavo, Madonna will also perform her classic "Like a Prayer" at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Madonna plans to release one more track from Madame X before it arrives June 14: "Dark Ballet."

As previously reported, Madonna's theater tour starts September 12 in New York City.

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