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Madonna laments not much has changed since her "Like a Prayer" music video

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It’s been over 30 years since Madonna released her controversial music video for “Like a Prayer,” which was swiftly condemned for its depiction of religious and racial imagery.

Now, she says her controversial video is more important than ever, because it shows not much has changed.  The video depicts Madonna witnessing the Ku Klux Klan shooting a mixed race couple, for which police pin the blame on an innocent Black man. 

The Past Catches up to the future,” the 61-year-old wrote in scathing commentary on Thursday about the criticism she received back then, breaking down the five biggest issues people previously found with it.  The “Die Another Day” singer uploaded the complete music video, as well, so fans could follow along.

“1. I depicted police brutality and an arrest of an innocent Black Man,” she listed off. “2. I went to a church to pray for justice and discovered a Black Saint.”

Continued Madonna, “3. That Saint was crying — he had feelings.  4. I kissed that Black Saint.”

The final criticism the Evita star included was, “5. I did my best to get him released from prison for a crime he did not commit.”

Madonna said the fallout from the music video was swift, writing, “My contract with Pepsi. was cancelled.”

“We all have such a long way to go,” she concluded before praising those protesting for change in the wake of George Floyd‘s death.

It should be noted that the main controversy over the “Like a Prayer” music video was over her use of religious symbols, particularly the burning crosses that she was filmed dancing around.  The Vatican swiftly condemned the imagery and deemed the music video blasphemous. 

Pope John Paul II even weighed in, calling for a boycott of the singer.

By Megan Stone
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