Make BANK $$$ As A Cuddler!

If you like to hug strangers you might have a bright future ahead of you.  There is a woman making $40,000 a year as a professional cuddler.

Robin Marie earns $80 an hour snuggling and cuddling up to clients anywhere from 1-4 hours at a time.  4 hours!?!?!  Sheesh that’s a long hug!

She books most of her work through the website ‘Cuddlist.’

The job is strictly platonic, and both parties are fully clothed for the hug session.

Robin said she never gets tired of her job because it is very rewarding work.  She says a lot of people aren’t comfortable asking for what they want or need in life and a cuddling session can help remove those blocks.

Would you get paid to cuddle strangers? Ew, gross, no!



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