Man Surprises Tinder Date With A Trip To A Funeral

Pro Tip- If you want to impress your date, don’t take them to a funeral.
A woman who is going by the name of ‘Bridget Jones,’ shared a horrific date story.
She met a dude on Tinder. They chatted and decided to go out on a date. He told her to wear black because he was taking her out for a surprise.
She assumed that they were going out for an upscale romantic evening. She was wrong.
Bridget was in shock when they pulled up to a crematorium. He had whisked her away to his grandmother’s funeral.
He told her, “I just really needed someone to come to this thing with me and thought if I told you, you wouldn’t come.”
She stayed for the service just to be polite and demanded to go home after the services.
What would you do? What is the worst date that you have ever been on?



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