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Mandy Moore proves why it’s never a good idea to cut your own bangs

Disney Channel/Matt Petit

Disney Channel/Matt PetitWith bangs slowly creeping back into fashion again, leave it to Mandy Moore to explain why it’s never a good idea to take a pair of scissors to your hair.  Ever.

“Whenever I have the inclination to cut bangs again, I’ll just look at this pic,” the This Is Us actress captioned in an adorable throwback photo of a young Mandy rocking what appears to be a mullet at first glance.  However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the hairstyle is one only a child can create when left unsupervised with scissors.

Young Mandy’s bangs are unevenly and thickly cut about an inch above the eyebrows…and that’s not all.  Little Mandy also took those scissors beyond her forehead and trimmed the hair near her ears, turning her front into a rigid bowl cut. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t give the back of her head the same attention, so the haircut is, by all definitions, a mullet.

Despite praising how adorable Moore was as a child, fans and friends were quick to agree that her self-made haircut was downright awful.

A few also promised to show the throwback photo to friends and family members flirting with the idea of cutting their own bangs. 

However, the moral that Mandy is trying to convey is: if you ever want bangs, leave the haircut to a professional hairdresser.

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