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Maren Morris hopes “The Bones” is the kind of song that’ll “stand the test of time”

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ABC/Image Group LAAfter she welcomed her first child last week, a baby boy named Hayes, Maren Morris said on Twitter that singing her latest hit “The Bones” to him didn’t calm him down.  But even though it’s evidently not a hit with the younger set, Maren hopes that it’ll be the kind of song that will “stand the test of time” for couples.

“The Bones” uses the metaphor of a house’s “bones” — its underlying structure — to describe a rock-solid relationship. “It’s a love song that’s very much about strength and vulnerability and knowing that your relationship is perfect in its imperfection,” Maren explains.

“Knowing that you can work on things and be in the trenches with someone and building a history with someone is more important than, like, this butterfly feeling,” she laughs.  “So, I think that that kind of love song…hopefully will stand the test of time.”

Maren is making sure her own relationship is rock-solid.  Her next tour, which is scheduled to start in June, will feature her husband Ryan Hurd as the opening act.

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