Mariah Carey Addresses The ‘Queen Of Christmas’ Controversy

Mariah Carey recently shared what the real deal was behind the ‘Queen of Christmas’ mess that was being reported in the media.
Mariah said, “First of all, may I say I never called myself the ‘Queen of Christmas’? Can we please be clear on that?”
She continued, “They can look up every interview I’ve ever done, and not to get super religious, but I was like, ‘I think, like, if anybody would be the ‘Queen of Christmas,’ that would be Mary.'”
She added, “I just happen to actually really love Christmas. Because I grew up and had kind of a tough childhood, and I always wanted Christmas to be perfect, and it never was. So then when I was able to finally provide myself and my friends and then later now my little kids who are 11 … we have the most festive Christmas ever.”
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