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Maroon 5 guitarist says Charlie Puth is like Adam Levine's "third child"

Trae Patton/NBC

The Battle Rounds began on last night’s episode of The Voice, and you saw Adam Levine’s team being advised by his pal, Charlie Puth.  Adam’s band mate, Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine, says Adam and Charlie became buddies after teaming up to co-write a song for the band’s most recent album, Red Pill Blues, and now they’re kinda inseparable.

“Charlie and Adam’s friendship was born out of that experience,” James explains to ABC Radio.  “And now, every time I talk to Adam, like, Charlie’s just hanging out over there!”

James laughs, “He’s become, like, Adam’s third child! He’s like, just always there!”

But all kidding aside, James believes that Charlie is an “incredible artist,” and says more collaborations with the “Attention” singer are definitely going to happen.

“[He’s an] amazing singer, amazing songwriter,” James tells ABC Radio. “And I think he’s also at the beginning of what’s going to be a very long and fruitful career.”

“I mean, his talent is undeniable, so it’s great to have him around,” James adds of Charlie. “And I think we’re gonna be doing a lot more writing with him in the future just because he uh feels like one of the honorary members of the band at this point.”

The Battle Rounds will continue next week on NBC’s The Voice.

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