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Mattel Is Developing a Barbie “Fashion Battle” TV Competition!

The pandemic has been rough on everyone . . . and for some people, it’s so bad they’re sitting around at home designing clothes for Barbie dolls.  And today, those people just hit the JACKPOT.  (???)

Mattel is developing a reality competition series called “Barbie Fashion Battle”, where people . . . real human adults . . . create miniature “high-fashion collections” for Barbie.  They’re then presented in “cinematic reveal sequences.”

Of course, these aren’t just bored everyday people . . . they’re up-and-coming designers.  There are 12 of them, and they’ll be split among two “fashion houses,” which will each be headed by a “celebrity fashion icon.”

The winner will get a cash prize . . . there’s no word how much . . . and the chance to design a line of Barbie clothes for Mattel.

No TV or streaming outlet is attached yet.  And there’s no word on who the celebrities will be.

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