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Matthew Morrison hopes new album ‘Disney Dreamin” will be the first of many Disney projects

Nathan Johnson

Nathan JohnsonFormer Glee star Matthew Morrison has a new album out, Disney Dreamin’ with Matthew Morrison.  Inspired by his two-year-old son, it features his take on Disney tunes like “When You Wish Upon a Star,” “A Whole New World” and “You’ll Be In My Heart.”  He was told he could record any songs he wanted from the Disney catalog, but says it was his son who guided his choices.

“We always sing our son to sleep at night and then we wake up and we have dance parties,” he explains to ABC Audio. “So…I really wanted to kind of encapsulate that in this album. So five songs are lullabies and five songs are more upbeat, fun dance songs.”

But choosing just 10 tracks was tough.

“For me, it was, it was finding stuff that really spoke to me and my relationship that I have with my son,” he notes. “And I wanted to do stuff from my childhood as well. I did this mashup of ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’/’Bare Necessities,’ and then [songs from]…the Renaissance of Disney: Little Mermaid and Beauty and The Beast and Aladdin….those are just, I think, the pinnacle of Disney and the Disney magic.”

In fact, the Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe-nominated actor and singer says not only would he like to do “five more Disney albums,” but he’d like to take the next step and be in a Disney movie.

This album is all just a ploy to actually get my foot in!” he laughs. “I grew up in Orange County, home of Disneyland…I have such a passion and kind of ingrained Disney spirit inside of me. So to to voice a character or to be in a Disney movie would be a dream come true.”

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