MAX says new single "Love Me Less" is about when "real life" intrudes on your relationship — crazy ex-girlfriends and all

Mackenzie Freemire & Alex Tan

Mackenzie Freemire & Alex TanMAX's breakthrough single "Lights Down Low" describes the first, swoon-worthy stages of a relationship.  But his new single "Love Me Less," which just came out today, is about the next stage -- when "real life" "kicks through the door."

MAX says "Love Me Less" is about wondering if your partner will still love you after they find out about all the bad stuff in your past. He began thinking about that after a vindictive ex-girlfriend tried to interfere in his marriage.

"My wife is British and she had some visa issues at one point," he tells ABC Radio. "And my ex found out about them and threatened to call immigration!"

"[My wife] was like, 'I don't even know this girl...[why] would she wanna threaten to ruin my life?'" he continues. "And those are the moments where it, y'know, doesn't ruin the honeymoon stage, but it definitely...kicks through the door and says, 'Here's real life!'"

But, as the singer notes, "All those little pieces of yourself that make you who you the end, you gotta surround yourself with people who love you more for those things. And that was the self-reflection of this song, after 'Lights Down Low.'"

MAX says he's enjoyed previewing the new track, and some others on his upcoming album, for fans at intimate listening parties in different cities.

"It's been really special to have them hear the music and then just get to be with them," he tells ABC Radio. "It takes away that fourth wall of performing, which is my favorite --  but it's a different experience to just be with them."

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