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Mayor In Illinois Sends Cops To Break Up Party….Whoops His Wife Was There!

After Illinois’ Governor prohibited all social gatherings on March 20th, Alton, Illinois Mayor Brant Walker sent his town’s PD to bust up a party at a local watering hole early Sunday morning.

Guess who was one of the party-goers busted?  The mayor’s wife!  Mayor Walker didn’t show any leniency, either, telling the police chief to treat his wife, Shannon, “as he would any citizen violating the ‘stay-at-home’ order and to ensure she receives no special treatment.”

Mayor Walker issued a public apology saying “I’m embarrassed by this incident.”  Shannon Walker was cited for reckless conduct, which is a misdemeanor.

Why do you think the mayor’s wife thought it was okay to ignore a state-mandated order even though her husband works in government?   Do you think this incident will affect any chance to the mayor getting re-elected if he chooses to run?

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