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Meet Komen’s 2023 Warriors in Pink!

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Susan G Komen is so excited to introduce you to some of the 2023 Warriors in Pink! Every year, Komen selects a group of survivors and thrivers known as the “Warriors in Pink” to honor their courage and grace during their breast cancer journeys. They will carry their message of breast cancer awareness to their own communities and take action collectively to create an outpouring of support in South Florida for the 2023 West Palm Beach MORE THAN PINK Walk.



Meet Maria-Victoria Charles. She is a U.S Navy Gulf War Veteran and a fierce breast cancer survivor. She attended her first Susan G. Komen event in 2019, only 7-weeks post-treatment, and halfway through she was ready to give up and go home until she heard her friends from who came from another state cheering her on and reminding her how strong she is. Maria ended up completing the entire race, which made her realize that anything is possible if you have care and encouragement from loved ones. She is excited to share her story and encourages others on an even larger scale as a 2023 Warrior in Pink!



Meet Cheryl Edlebeck. She began her breast cancer journey in 2016 when she had a mammogram. Her results came back requiring ultrasound follow up. The ultrasound found an area which was biopsied, and ultimately came back as DCIS. Every 6 months she had to go through testing, and at 3.5 years in it changed to annual! Then, at 4.5 years in, Cheryl’s ultrasound detected a cyst, which was biopsied and came back DCIS and IDC grade 1. During her second battle, Cheryl decided to pursue things a bit differently and she is feeling much better than she did during her first battle. She she is truly honored to be a 2023 Warrior in Pink!




Meet Leonardine Semoins. Leonardine had a breast biopsy in 2020 that confirmed cancer of the breast. August 13th, her tumor measured at 12 cm about the size of a tennis ball. Leonardine then went on to successfully complete six IV chemotherapy treatments and in February 2021, she had a lumpectomy followed by radiation. At just 32 years old, Leonardine was diagnosed with stage 3 right breast carcinoma. She has successfully been in remission for almost two years now and vowed to help other fellow sheroes like herself in their current or continued fight to being cancer free! Leonardine has been married for 11 years to her husband Adner, and they have three beautiful. Leonardine is currently in nursing school and hope to work in oncology to help others on their road to recovery.




Meet Sonia Silva. She is a mother to a 21-year-old young man, owns her own business, loves to paint, spend time with her family, and go sea glass hunting. Sonia was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer on April 9, 2019 at the age of 47, three months shy of her 48th birthday. She had 4 months of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy on October 23, 2019, and 38 radiation treatments. Cancer came, invaded and Sonia fought. She is now 3 years Ned (no evidence of disease) and decided to opt of out of reconstruction/implants because she was ready to heal. Sonia is a flat advocate for AFC Aesthetic Flat Closure which is an option after mastectomy, many people are not aware that aesthetic flat closure is an option. She believes people are free to make their own decisions, but everyone should be informed of all choices. Sonia’s very passionate and shares her breast cancer journey to all and anyone that listens! She is now thriving, thriving one day at a time and learning that confidence and strength are the most important thing she possess. Sonia now makes sure she is always living and loving life each day to the fullest.



The Warriors in Pink hope that sharing their stories will not only encourage you to register to attend the West Palm Beach MORE THAN PINK Walk but that you will join them in fundraising for the Walk. Your fundraising is helping save lives just like theirs every day.

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