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Meghan Trainor transforms her brother Ryan into her twin to raise money for Feeding America

ABC/Paula Lobo

ABC/Paula LoboTo help raise money for Feeding America, Meghan Trainor decided to give her big brother Ryan a total glam makeover.

“Full transformation of my GORGEOUS twin @ryan.trainor,” Captions Meghan in the eight minute video, which she extracted from a prior Instagram Live on Tuesday. “I’ve never met a bigger DIVA in my lifeee.”

The video, titled “Quarantine with the Trainors: Ryan’s Makeover,” starts off with her older brother freely admitting he poured himself a cocktail for the occasion, to which the “NO” singer scolds, “It’s a Wednesday!”  

It turns out, however, the tequila cocktail was definitely necessary as Meghan allowed her fans to chime in with suggestions, such as what color eyeshadow would best fit Ryan’s peach complexion.

After discovering that her concealer is too light for her brother’s skin, the 26-year-old decides to tackle his eyebrows instead and hilariously warns, “Now don’t be scared when I put your brows on, they’re gonna look like WHOA.”

Once she finishes, though, Ryan loudly whines, “They look the same!”

With no other concealer on hand, the siblings push on with the lighter color — which, hilariously, makes Ryan’s skin almost match his bleached hair — even after extensive blending, highlighting and contouring.

“Wow, you look so bad right now,” Meghan laughs, “But you’re gonna look so much better!”

Of course, besides some good old fashioned sibling ribbing, the two also demonstrate how incredibly close they are by trading laughs and compliments, especially when Ryan marvels over his sister’s career and many achievements.

Some eyeliner, mascara, glitter and lipstick later, Ryan deadpans to his little sister, “I’m so much hotter than you.” 

Meghan closes by encouraging fans to support Feeding American, a nonprofit coordinating with national food banks to feed nearly 50 million Americans during COVID-19, by texting FEED to 707070.

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