Melissa McCarthy Shares That She Had To Convince The Director To Do One Thing In The Little Mermaid

Melissa McCarthy recently revealed that she had to beg the director of The Little Mermaid to be Ursula in the movie.
McCarthy recalled her love for the original, “The girls could watch a little bit of TV and pick a movie. And I swear there was a two-year jag where we watched Little Mermaid every night.”
She continued about how she begged the director for the role, “I threw myself in front of [his] car and begged him. I didn’t really, but I did beg him to talk to me. That part’s true,”
She added, “I’ve spent more time with Little Mermaid than probably any other movie, which I didn’t really think about until Rob’s like, ‘Did you see this a few times?’ I’m like, ‘Well, [now that] you ask me, I’ve seen it a weird amount of times.’ Which could have frightened him. Luckily it didn’t.”
McCarthy continued, “I loved her so much. She’s such a broad, I just wanted to have a drink with her. And yes, she’s the villain, but I was like, I think I get her. She’s been ostracized. Especially after Covid, I think we all get Ursula a little bit more. Spending all that time alone. I just thought she was funny. And I love that it was about this young woman who was just trying to figure out what she wanted.”
The Little Mermaid will be out on May 26th.
Which Disney movie have you watched an insane amount of times as a child?