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Michael Buble begs people to stay home: “We can have a real shot at saving millions”

Evaan Kheraj

Evaan Kheraj

Michael Buble rarely, if ever, posts on social media, but he’s now broken his self-imposed moratorium to tell fans how important it is that we all follow the social distancing rules that our local governments are imposing on us amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking from his home in Vancouver, Canada — from one of his son’s bedrooms, judging by the Marvel comics wallpaper — Michael says he’s consulted with health care professionals who he trusts and he’s decided that “it’s time to take serious measures so we can protect our families, our neighbors and ourselves.”  And as Michael explains, that means not leaving your house.

“If we really hear the messages of our health care professionals and we really listen and abide by them, I truly think that we can slow this down and we can have a real shot at saving millions of lives,” he says.

“Please, as much as possible, stay in the house,” he cautions. “You know, if you have to drink some ‘Quarantinis,’ do what you have to do. Go to the backyard and play with the kids. If you’re going to hike, please, do it in place where there’s not a lot of people. Try as little as you can to go out.”

“Let’s help each other. Let’s be great human beings and let’s help to make sure that we are protecting the people that are vulnerable out there,” he continues. “It could be any of us. That’s the truth. Let’s protect our kids. Let’s protect everyone.”

Michael also quotes the popular meme going around: “Your grandparents were asked to go to war. All you’re being asked to do is sit on the couch.”

“I know that’s something that we can do,” he laughs.



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