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Michael J Fox Does A Film About Himself

Michael J Fox candidly reflects on his health and Hollywood legacy in the powerful trailer for a new documentary about his life.   Directed by Oscar-winning “An Inconvenient Truth”  filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie combines archival footage from the sets of some of Fox’s most memorable projects — including “Back to the Future” – with interviews, vintage photos, and scripted recreations of key moments from the actor’s personal past.   Fox, who’s been sober for roughly 30 years, also recounts abusing alcohol and pills following his diagnosis, which he says was an attempt “to hide” from reality. “But, all those years hiding was shaking me awake,” he continues.   The story is not a morose one, but rather a celebration of the charisma that made audiences fall in love with Fox throughout the 1980s. Guggenheim can be heard telling him that the “sad-sack story is: Michael J. Fox gets this debilitating disease, and it crushes him,” before Fox responds, “Yeah that’s boring.”  Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie premieres May 12 on Apple TV Plus.