Michael J. Fox’s Spin City Finally Finds A Major Streaming Home

Michael J. Fox fans can now watch the whole season of his enduringly popular comedy Spin City on a major streaming service. All six seasons of the sitcom are now accessible on Prime Video, as reported by, enabling viewers to watch them anytime they want.
The first four seasons of Spin City starred Fox as Mike Flaherty, the deputy mayor of New York City. The show primarily focused on Flaherty and his team keeping an eye on the mayor, who was constantly in danger of embarrassment and public humiliation at the hands of the media.
The political comedy aired on ABC from 1996 to 2002 and received multiple Emmy nominations, including one for Fox himself.
Around the time of the show’s first showing, the series was published on DVD; however, ever since then, the only method to get them has been via second-hand sales, which are often quite expensive. The program has been uploaded to Prime Video, making it much simpler to view the complete series uninterrupted even if it is still not available to purchase in a digital format.
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