Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson’s 2016 Deposition Released In Video Exposing ‘Lies of Leaving Neverland’

A 30-minute video of Wade Robson’s 2016 deposition has been released, the video outlines contradictions between what Robson said and what the documentary “Leaving Neverland” shows.

“Lies of Leaving Neverland” is posted online and is described as proving the “Leaving Neverland” documentary is filled with, “provable lies, conflicting accounts, contradictions, staged reshoots, faked scenes, reconstructed memories, critical information omissions, manipulated news clips, discredited source material” and that “key motives” are ignored.

Have you watched “Leaving Neverland?” I will NEVER watch it. What do you think of Michael Jackson’s legacy? Is it tarnished or is he still the “King of Pop” in your opinion? He will ALWAYS be The King Of Pop to me!

Here is another vid of the depo.