Michael Jackson Denied Dirty Diana Was Written About A Celebrity He Knew  

Many fans speculated that Michael Jackson’s 1988 hit Dirty Diana was about the famous Diana’s he hung with during his superstar career, however the icon denied the song was about any celebrities during his 1995 interview with Barbara Walters. In the song MJ sings, “Diana walked up to me / She said, ‘I’m all yours tonight’ / And then I ran to the phone / Sayin’, ‘Baby I’m alright’ / I said, ‘But unlock the door ‘Cause I forgot the key’ / She said, ‘He’s not coming back Because he’s sleeping with me.'” For years fans speculated that “Dirty Diana” was about Princess Diana, who was a fan and the two spent a considerable amount of time talking on the phone. Jackson even took the song out of his show when he performed in England.  Many claimed the song was about Michael’s “homie, lover, friend” Diana Ross. Jackson’s mother, Katherine, spoke of their relationship in Diana Ross’ memoir calling Diana a “mother, sister and lover all combined in one.”  Michael claimed the song was about groupies, however, he would tease his sisters saying, “‘You’re not pretty until you start looking like Diana!’ Do you think he was telling the truth about the inspiration behind “Dirty Diana?”