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Mick Jagger excited about The Rolling Stones' flagship retail store, RS No. 9 Carnaby, opening Wednesday

Courtesy of The Rolling Stones/Bravado

The Rolling Stones‘ recently announced that their official retail store, RS No. 9 Carnaby, located on Carnaby Street in London’s Soho district, opens Wednesday, September 9, at 11 a.m. local time.

As previously reported, the store was created by Bravado, Universal Music Group’s merch company, in partnership with the British rock legends, and will sell exclusive apparel and merchandise focusing on The Stones.

In advance of RS No. 9 Carnaby’s opening, Stones singer Mick Jagger took part in a video interview about the venture with veteran music journalist Paul Sexton.

Asked about the Carnaby Street location, Jagger noted, “I think it’s a good place that has a bit of a history. It’s a good place to sort of walk around. It’s a good place for locals and tourists to shop.”

He also pointed out that The Rolling Stones have a historic connection with Soho.

“[W]e used to walk around there before…Carnaby Street was famous,” Mick explained. “[W]e rehearsed near there. [We] used to eat near there.”

As for why the store is opening during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jagger offered, “[I]t’s eternal optimism…[Y]eah, you could have put it off, I guess, till next year, but…there’ll be a little bit of pick up, I think…and people will be curious. And people are out and about a bit more than they were.”

Jagger also talked about various items available at the store, including merchandise featuring the new “Stones Red” color inspired by the group’s lips-and-tongue logo.

At the opening, 500 limited-edition “Stones Red” vinyl copies of the band’s new Goats Head Soup reissue will be available.

Fans who can’t make it to RS No. 9 Carnaby, will be able to buy merchandise from the store’s official website, which will launch soon.

By Matt Friedlander
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