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Mickey Has Some New Competition

A massive new America-themed amusement park is coming to Oklahoma, just off Route 66.  It’ll be called American Heartland Theme Park & Resort, and it’s opening in 2026.   It’ll cost $2 billion, and be around the same size as Disneyland.  Even the layout is similar.  Some of the designers used to work for Disney, so that might be why.

The entrance will have a huge map of the U.S. on the ground, with a big American flag sticking out of the center.  Then once you’re inside, it’ll have different “lands” just like Disney parks.   It’ll have rollercoasters and other rides scattered across the park.  Here are the 6-sections, and what they’ll look like . . .

  1. Liberty Village. It’ll look like an American town in the 1950s, kind of like Disney’s “Main Street, U.S.A”.  The mock-ups show old cars on the street, a paperboy selling newspapers, and a town square with a replica of the Liberty Bell.
  2. Great Plains. Think windmills, silos, and a barn with some sort of “Charlotte’s Web” attraction.
  3. Bayou Bay. Designed to look like Louisiana or Mississippi 150 years ago.  It’ll have seafood restaurants . . . what looks like a swamp-themed lazy river ride . . . and an attraction called the “Voodoo House”.
  4. Big Timber Falls. It’s supposed to look like the northwest, with pine trees, mountains, and a Splash Mountain knock-off called Big Foot Falls.
  5. Stony Point Harbor. New England-themed, like the coast of Maine or Massachusetts.  It’ll have a big sail boat and a “Haunted Lighthouse” attraction.
  6. Electropolis. Basically, their version of Disney’s “Tomorrowland”.  Their website describes it as a “bright, bold vision of the American age of innovation,” and a “testament to the power of American genius.”

That’s the park itself, but it’ll also have a huge 4-star hotel with a boardwalk and water park next to it.  Plus, a huge R.V. park with 750 parking spots, and a campground with 300 cabins you can stay in.    The R.V. park will open in 2025, and the theme park itself in 2026.  They’re hoping to attract 5-million guests a year, and say it’ll create around 4,000 new jobs.    It’s not clear how much tickets will cost.  But they say they want to make it a more affordable option than Disney or Universal.