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Mike Tyson Throws Punches On A Plane

New footage has been shared of boxing legend Mike Tyson punching someone on a plane.  The video from Wednesday shows 55-year-old Tyson repeatedly punching a passenger seated behind him, even causing some bloodshed.   Apparently, Tyson had been friendly before the incident but became annoyed when one of the passengers kept pestering him.  Sources close to Tyson say that the man getting punched was intoxicated and would not leave the boxer alone.    Tyson’s rep says the guy actually threw a water bottle at him, but there’s no video of that.    Police are looking into it.  They say the so-called “victim” was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, and didn’t really cooperate with their investigation.   And the incident didn’t seem to bother Tyson. He was all smiles in Miami yesterday , just hours after the former boxer was caught on video punching another passenger on a flight out of San Francisco Wednesday night.   Last night, , legendary wrestler Ric Flair posted a photo of Tyson at LIV, a nightclub in Miami.     Tyson was captured holding up his left fist alongside Flair while wearing a black FightCamp t-shirt. FightCamp is a fitness startup that reportedly raised $90 million from well-known boxers, including Tyson.  Who’s side are you on?