Mike Tyson To Open A Marijuana Ranch In California!

What has me really excited….the world’s longest lazy river!  I suppose that would be really amazing to float down while you’re high as a kite!

Mike’s ranch is for people to learn about . . . and more importantly, SMOKE . . . marijuana.

A new profile in GQ lays out what’ll be on-site, including a luxury hotel, retail stores, an amphitheater for concerts, and facilities for GLAMPING . . . yes, glamping, not camping.

Not to mention TYSON UNIVERSITY, where you can learn cannabis cultivation techniques from experts.  They’re also building the world’s longest lazy river.  It’ll take an HOUR to float the entire length of it.

Guests will be able to smoke everywhere, except where liquor is served.  That’s the law.

Oddly enough, no weed will be grown on the premises.  It’ll be provided by weed retail companies.

One of the most glaring shortcomings of Tyson Ranch is that it’s only 418 acres.  I mean seriously . . . they couldn’t buy TWO MORE ACRES to make it an even 420???