Miles Bron’s Glass Onion Island Estate ‘Listed On Zillow For $450M’

The luxurious Greek island estate in Netflix’s “Glass Onion” is listed on Zillow for $450 million, but don’t pull out the checkbook yet.

The property doesn’t exist, but the listing on Zillow makes us wish it did.  Check it out here:

The island is shown in a listing on the real estate marketplace Zillow and is characterized as “Glass Onion Greek Isle Commune: Multi-Layered Living in Paradise.”

The listing agent is Derol Zablinski, a minor character in the film, played by Noah Segan, a house guest who pops up every now and then. The description reads: “Breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and Peloponnese await you at this private island oasis designed and curated by Alpha Industries founder Miles Bron.”

If the listing for the Glass Onion was real, would you consider living there?