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Millennials……Are Scared Of Plants.

A survey by OnePoll reveals that millennials are intimidated by plants but also feel they add to their overall decor.

2,000 millennials between the age of 25-39 were polled and 67 percent feel that plants are harder to care for than they thought. Half of those surveyed don’t own plants because they don’t know how to care for them.

Among the concerns of “plant parents” is the amount of sunlight and water a plant should receive and how to prune a plant. Some fear killing the plant, however, millennials continue to add them to their space in order to boost mental and physical health.

Although intimidated, millennials care for plants hoping that it will improve their own self-care and be a good indicator that they’re ready to move on to care for a pet.

Are you a plant parent? What success have you had in caring for your plants? How many plants have you killed?