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More Actors Coming Back For The Sequel Of “A Christmas Story” On HBO Max!

The sequel will be set in the 1970s, with an adult Ralphie returning to his old house on Cleveland Street “to deliver his kids a magical Christmas like the one he had growing up.” In the process, he reconnects with his childhood friends and reconciles the passing of his father.

Four more cast members from “A Christmas Story” are coming back for the HBO Max sequel . . . and they were all kids the first time around.

They are:

Ian Petrella . . . who played Ralphie’s little brother Randy.

Scott Schwartz . . . who played Ralphie’s friend Flick, a.k.a. the kid who got his tongue stuck to the pole.

R.D. Robb . . . who played Ralphie’s friend Schwartz.  And no, that’s not a typo.  The kid whose REAL NAME is Schwartz didn’t play the character named Schwartz.

Zack Ward . . . who played the bully, Scut Farkus.

The only other confirmed cast member so far is PETER BILLINGSLEY, who’s returning as an adult version of Ralphie.