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More Evidence Against Carol Baskin

Did Carole Baskin of Tiger King fame kill her former husband, Don Lewis?  Well, now 2-handwriting experts told a Missouri newspaper that they believe the signatures on Don’s will and power of attorney were forged.   And here’s another wrinkle . . . a woman named Susan Aronoff Bradshaw also signed Don’s will.  She used to work at Carole’s Big Cat Rescue.  And back in 2007 . . . long before most of us knew who any of these people were . . . Susan said that Carole asked her to testify that she was there when Don signed the will.  Even though she WASN’T.   And apparently she did it because she was AFRAID of Carole.  Don disappeared in 1997.  He was declared legally dead in 2002, and Carole inherited his millions. Do you think sh’es guilty?