Most Couch Potatoes Are Thin People. 🤨

When someone’s really thin, you assume they must not eat much, or they just exercise a lot.  But maybe not, because a new study found skinny people are actually more likely to be COUCH POTATOES.

Researchers looked at the diets and exercise routines of people who had a body-mass index under 18.5.  The average in the study was 17.

That’s thin enough to be considered slightly underweight, and only 2% of Americans fall into that category.

They found that most people in that group DO eat a little less than the average person . . . about 12% less than people with a healthy BMI.  But they actually get 23% LESS exercise.

So what’s their secret to staying so thin?  It turns out they might just be lucky and have a much higher metabolism than the rest of us.

Their metabolic rate while RESTING was significantly higher.  So basically, their body is really good at burning calories even when they’re watching TV.

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