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Neil Young pens angry letter to President Trump asking him to stop using his music at political rallies

Credit: dhlovelife

Neil Young recently tweeted that he was “not OK” with President Donald Trump playing a couple of the folk-rock legend’s songs at his July 3 rally at South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore.  Now Young has again asked Trump to stop using his music at his political events.

In the note, which was posted on, Neil writes, “Although I have repeatedly asked you to please not use my music because it indicates that I support your agenda, you have always played my songs anyway at your gatherings, with no regard for my rights, even calling me names on Twitter.”

After pointing out that he noticed Trump had played his music at the South Dakota rally “despite my previous requests,” Young informs the president, “Because you are in charge of the Covid 19 response here in the USA, I will not sue you, (as certainly is my right) potentially distracting from your important work at hand protecting and saving American lives.”

Neil continues, “With the enormous power you wield on our behalf, I wish you all the best in your critical battle to save American souls from this threat.” He adds, perhaps sarcastically, “I know you will do your best for all Americans, regardless of political leanings.”

Young then directs Trump to check out the new version of his 2006 song “Lookin’ for a Leader” that he performed during his latest “Fireside Sessions” episode, suggesting “it would be an interesting addition to your next rally.”

The updated 2020 rendition of that song includes this new verse: “Yeah, we had Barack Obama and we really need him now/ The man who stood behind him has to take his place somehow/ America has a leader building walls around our house/ Don’t know Black lives matter and we got to vote him out.”

By Matt Friedlander
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