New Album from Richard Marx

Richard Marx’s new album, Songwriter, will cover 4 genres; rock, pop, country & ballads!

Being released on September 30th, there are a bunch of songs that he collaborated with famous friends on, like Chris Daughtry, Lifehouse’s Jason Wade, Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon, Burt Bacharach, and Mr. Mister’s Richard Page.

He even co-wrote some songs with his sons, Lucas Marx and Jesse Marx.

Here’s the track listing for Songwriter:

“Same Heartbreak Different Day” (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx, Michael Jade)
“Believe In Me” (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx)
“Anything” (Richard Marx/Bruce Weigner)
“Moscow Calling” (Richard Marx)
“Only A Memory” (Richard Marx/Adam Messinger)

“Always” (Richard Marx/Burt Bacharach)
“Still In My Heart” (Richard Marx/Richard Page)
“As If We’ll Never Love Again” (Richard Marx/Gary Burr)
“Never After” (Richard Marx/Topher Brown)
“Maybe” (Richard Marx)


“Everything I’ve Got” (Richard Marx)
“One Day Longer” (Richard Marx/Keith Urban)
“Breaking My Heart” (Richard Marx/Darius Rucker/David Hodges)
“Misery Loves Company” (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx/Bruce Weigner)

“We Had It All” (Richard Marx/Randy Hauser/Brice Long)

“Shame On You” (Richard Marx/Jesse Marx)
“Just Go” (Richard Marx)
“My Love, My Enemy” (Richard Marx/Matt Scannell)
“One More Yesterday” (Richard Marx/Chris Daughtry/Jason Wade)
“We Are Not Alone” (Richard Marx/Jesse Marx)